My Personal Needs

Today I am again convicted about my need to be focused on my mission: to seek and save the lost.

I am accomplishing this in the context of leading my family, church family, neighbors, community and country by: staying close to God, sharpening my mind and skills, leading a great and profitable educational institution, reaching out to form influential relationships, using my talents to draw people closer to God and Christ.

Each day I need to start by spending time alone with God, getting organized, practicing priority, being wise and faithful.  I need to be strong in my mind and heart: deep tested conviction.  I need to give the commitments I take on time to do each well.  I need to multi-task and make the most of every opportunity.  I need to try to do everything I can with someone else in order to build relationships as I complete tasks.  This will also help me stay out of sin.  I can even have people over when I plan, have time with God, do chores, have meals, read books or prepare talks and song services.

God help me to be more and more like Jesus every day and to be very effective.


About brentdavis1

Chief executive of Complete Education, a tutoring and test prep company, I am a disciple of Jesus making disciples in Wichita, KS and at Wichita State University where I am a grad student in economics, while I help students achieve their academic goals, lead my family in the Way of the Lord and promote liberty, probity and valor in all my communities. I am an Austrian school economist avocationally and I enjoy talking about economics and sound economic policy in addition to studying the Bible with others to improve those around me financially and politically as well as spiritually.
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