Finding a Little Niche

Teaching the 5th Graders at Murrieta Church

I’ve been looking for a particular niche where I can make a great difference for good in my church and it seems to have come to me serendipitously. I’ve been able to serve in several ways since we’ve come to the church in Murrieta: leading singing, teaching Bible class, leading devotionals, leading prayer, serving communion, greeting at the door, helping with Vacation Bible School and, for the past several months, helping to coach our Bible Bowl team. 


I was assigned the 2nd graders, which made perfect sense since my son Christopher is a 2nd grader, of whom perhaps one, it was thought, might be allowed to move up to compete with the older children, the 3rd-5th graders who composed the elementary to actually compete in the San Diego Bible Bowl competition. 


Christopher, who is 6 years old and the youngest of all, and all his fellow 2nd graders, proved themselves capable enough to be on teams for competition. Christopher was put on, what I viewed as, the weakest team and I was coach.  However, we developed an excellent strategy to win the buzzer round competition as well as the written tests while trying to really understand and get deeper meaning from the entire Bible passage, Genesis chapters 26-50.  We worked very hard and I communicated with all of my teams parents exactly what the strategy was and their child’s role in the plan.


Well, the high irony is that Christopher’s team won 1st place among all of the elementary teams, Christopher placed 2nd among all our children on the written tests and fourth among all elementary children in the Bible Bowl, earning a $500 future college scholarship.  It was a real coup. 


Well, while I was coaching my Bible Bowl team to glorious victory my wife was asked to teach the 5th grade for the Spring Quarter.  After a few weeks Tinka decided that teaching this group was not her cup of tea and twisted my arm until I agreed to do it. I acquiesced and, to my surprise, found that four of the fifth grade class of eight had gone to the Bible Bowl and two had been on my team! 


I quickly formed a bond with the class and now I feel that I am really having an impact on them and that this was God’s plan for me: to help this particular group of young people and their families develop a deep understanding and love for God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit).  I am amazed at how God works.  But I am humbled and thankful that he uses me…



About brentdavis1

Chief executive of Complete Education, a tutoring and test prep company, I am a disciple of Jesus making disciples in Wichita, KS and at Wichita State University where I am a grad student in economics, while I help students achieve their academic goals, lead my family in the Way of the Lord and promote liberty, probity and valor in all my communities. I am an Austrian school economist avocationally and I enjoy talking about economics and sound economic policy in addition to studying the Bible with others to improve those around me financially and politically as well as spiritually.
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