Home in Wichita

Home in Wichita after More Than Half-a-Lifetime Away (part I)
I’m back! You would not believe how much I had written here before I hit "<control> <e>" and trashed my blog comment. Well, no use crying over spilt milk. I don’t have time to recreate it now but will try to do so over the Christmas break. I’m at WSU again now in grad school and I need to give that my all until December 15th, my last final.
To remind myself what I had written I had started a life history from my birth here to my return in general terms with a few specific people, focusing on what was happening when I left and what has happened since, but as I say, hopefully I’ll get back to that in a little over 3 weeks. Until then,
Ariva Derche


About brentdavis1

Chief executive of Complete Education, a tutoring and test prep company, I am a disciple of Jesus making disciples in Wichita, KS and at Wichita State University where I am a grad student in economics, while I help students achieve their academic goals, lead my family in the Way of the Lord and promote liberty, probity and valor in all my communities. I am an Austrian school economist avocationally and I enjoy talking about economics and sound economic policy in addition to studying the Bible with others to improve those around me financially and politically as well as spiritually.
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